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Histon FC First Team

Location: Baldock
Time: Sunday 14th August
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    The Agency

    Sarcodia's professional services are broad based and comprehensive and represent a complete package for players.

    A more in depth description of our professional services can be found in “About Sarcodia” however our most recent developments online are listed below.

    Scoutmeout Trials

    Sarcodia's own trial company Scoutmeout, which is well known for its success in developing and finding unseen talent in the UK. Players need no previous football history and are assessed and seen by professional scouts all over the UK.

    See for more information.

    Represented Players

    Sarcodia's highly skilled team specialises in all aspects of player management both in the UK and internationally including...

    » Transfer negotiation
    » Contract detailing
    » All matters of Finance

    Whilst our support network includes talented and respected experts in the areas of...

    » Marketing and Media
    » Legal and financial advice
    » Image rights and publicity

    Sarcodia International

    Sarcodia also deal closely with agents outside of the UK to help with international transfers both into and out of the UK.

    If you have any other questions please contact us.